Poetry, Protest, and Progress

UTS Journalism, October 2017

Eliza Spencer attended Welcome to Australia’s Walk Together Rally last fortnight, and asked marchers why they’re walking for freedom. MC’d by Tom Ballard and featuring World Vision Advocate Tim Costello, Youth Leaders Bassam Maaliki and Rooan Al Kamashi, and Union Leader Sally McManus.

Rooan Al Kamashi has lived in Australia for nearly seven years, after fleeing violence during the Iraqi war. she is an advocate for migrant youth, using spoken word and poetry to share her experience through storytelling.

Seventeen and from Sydney’s greater west, Rooan doesn’t let her age keep her from speaking out. I spoke with her after her most recent performances at Sydney’s Walk Together and Vote Yes Marches held last fortnight.

This interview includes a bonus reading of her powerful spoken word piece, Today We Walk, which she shared with Eliza Spencer one week after she shared it at Sydney’s Walk Together march.

Find out more:

uBelong on Facebook,

Welcome To Australia at their website.

You can follow Rooan’s work at youtu.be/1y8dSygJvxo, and learn more about the Migrant Resource Centre run by Settlement Services Internation at www.ssi.org.au.

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