Welcoming the Springtime Body

Copy for AerialFit Body and Barre, N2N Media Sydney.

‘The summer body is made in the winter,’ we’ve heard itall before. With the beautiful spring weather warming up, we’re revaluatingwhat that ‘summer body’ is. Spring brings us beautiful sunshine, more time toenjoy being out in the warmth and sometimes, a little worry. Spending more timeoutside is amazing for our mental health, even more when we add in movement butwhen we start comparing our journeys to those around us, it can get a little messy.

This spring we’re focussing on growth, putting asideobsessive and painful comparison and embracing the softer movements that give our bodies the rest and challenge it needs. Some days that looks like a gentle YinYoga flow to release physical and mental tension, holding a pose or asana forfive blissful minutes. Other days, it’s a run around the block to get the jitters out with a Pilates-inspired workout after to strengthen the core and protect the spine so we can hold ourselves with strength and confidence. Sometimes it’s nothing at all, a day to rest and process.

At the studio, we’re pretty proud of making space for all bodies and all abilities, and we’ve seen how this space makes all the difference. No matter the goal, we always try to include a healthy dose of positive self-image in our classes, including time to stretch and challenge ourselves each day. Making time for just one class that makes you feel confident does more for your body and spirit than five punishing runs that lead to injury. Just like challenging yourself a little more each class gives you the joy of a win when you’re moving towards growth alongside friends and family.

Of course, there’s still more to learn, parts of our bodies that we want to see stronger and able to carry us further. There’s always a new opportunity to see a challenge and face it head on. Even better?There’s always a new kind of joy that helps us embrace the beauty of our summer bodies, every single part of it.

The summer body isn’t a seasonal body, it’s your body, int he summer. Our spring bodies, the ones we cherished over the winter. Wobbly bits, or no wobbly bits, our bodies are stronger when we learn to be confident where we’re at. Picking up an attitude of confidence, strength and self-love is far more effective than picking up a meal replacement shake, and we’d much rather have fun during a class than work out to the point of exhaustion.

Growing into a place of acceptance has never happened overnight, but with care and determination, we’re all leaning into the beauty of seeing ourselves as already worthy. Embracing this value in the studio, the workplace, on a yoga mat or swinging in the air, let’s take our new understandings into our everyday moments as well. No matter where we may be, or how we may feel, our bodies are magic – let’s live in their glow.

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