Track Review: Many Rooms – ‘Which Is To Say, Everything’

Music Insight, February 2018

‘Which Is To Say, Everything’ is the first single from Many Rooms, the project of Houston-based artist Brianna Hunt. Her debut album, There Is A Presence Here, follows her 2015 EP, Hollow Body.

Hunt’s airy vocals seem almost distant as she reflects on life, death and being. Straining to hear her among the pulsating beat that soars and unravels to its own fading end, listeners are found more in the experience of the song than its lyrical understanding.

The muffled, lo-fi guitar is both scant and vulnerable, diverging from the song’s structure to convey a sense of disassociation experienced by Hunt herself.

At once grand and painfully sparse, a deep weight is felt throughout the track. Unsettling and beautiful, “Which Is To Say, Everything” conjures memories of late nights considering our place in the world and the indiscernible will to keep going even when “death sounds somewhat sweet.”

Reminiscent of Keaton HensonJulien Baker and Bon IverThere Is A Presence Here looks to be a haunting dive into darkness, and will release on April 13 through Other People Records.

In the meantime, you can listen to ‘Which Is To Say, Everything’ below.


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