Keeping Aussie Teens Safe From STIs

UTS Journalism, 2019
In a period where we’re more open than ever about sex, how can educators help bridge the gaps in understanding?

Eliza Spencer spoke with Burgmann Anglican School’s Cath Amesbury to discover the importance of sexual education, and heard first hand from Alyssa* just how easily it can be to contract an STI.

“We need to get rid of the whole stigma surrounding [STI’s]…that you’re dirty and irresponsible, and sleeping with millions of people, because it only took me one person,” said Alyssa.

Ms Amesbury works to help prevent situations like Alyssa’s from happening to her students by teaching a comprehensive sexual education course, despite working in a private Christian school. “We talk about individual choice, especially in regards to respect…If you can’t have these conversations with the person you’re thinking of having sex with, you’re probably not ready to have sex,” she said, “it’s important that you’re clear about your own values and beliefs, and you should be exploring those. We give them that opportunity to explore those in class, and think about what their boundaries are, not to set boundaries, but to give them a clear idea in their head.” 

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* name has been changed for privacy

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