UTSoC, 2018

Eliza Spencer recounts her encounters with sunflowers and recovery in a personal reflection on her path through depression and anxiety.

Sunflowers follow the trajectory of the sun, moving their heads to soak up the optimum amount of light and converting to energy before the day ends. The scientific term is phototropism, a reminder to seek out the light in each day, and rest when the sun has set.  They represent happiness, longevity and loyalty, all traits essential for people working through their mental health journeys. Sunflowers are my totem on days when my anxiety peaks, or when it seems too hard to get out of bed, a reminder to soak up the light.

Album Review: Many Rooms – ‘There Is A Presence Here’

Music Insight, 2018

A lullaby for existentialists, There Is A Presence Here is the debut album from Brianna Hunt, known as Many Rooms. After the critical acclaim received from the release of her single ‘Which Is To Say, Everything’, which debuted on NPR’s All Songs Considered, Hunt has authored an album that leads listeners deep into darkness.…

Review: LANY at Big Top Luna Park, Sydney, 25 March 2018

A late start didn’t stop LANY from dazzling crowds at Luna Park’s Big Top on Sunday. The band made an impressive entrance through thick haze and humidity to the cheers of a rain-soaked crowd, lead vocalist Paul Klein standing with arms outstretched as he thanked audiences for braving the elements to hear them play in one of their “favourite cities.” …

Review: Moses Sumney at Sydney Opera House, 8 February 2018

Music Insight, 2018

Few indie artists can say they’ve performed to a packed Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House, and the wonder wasn’t lost on Los Angeles native Moses Sumney.

A soulful mix of R&B, folk, and jazz, Sumney was accompanied by Sam Gendel (Percussion, Woodwinds, Electric Guitar,) Mike Haldeman (Electric Guitar) and drummer ‘Lucky’ Paul Taylor, who has toured with indie-pop artist, Feist.…

Unexpected Beauty: Bending Towards Justice

Common Grace, December 2017

Studying journalism turns you into a particular kind of person. The one who has eight different news apps all vying for attention with various notification sounds, updating you regularly through the day of what’s going on in the world. You wake up to a notification feed that overflows when a tragedy happens. You can’t escape it; updates roll through as the news breaks. To stay sane, you need to create a certain kind of distance that leaves you emotionally closed to tragic news.…

Closing the Mental Health Gap for Aussie Youth

Young people living in Australia face significant barriers in accessing mental health services as rates of mental illness remain high.

report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that over a quarter of Australians aged 16-24 years old have a mental health condition that lasts for more than a year. Only half of these young Australians receive professional help from a counsellor, psychologist or social worker. Lack of access to adequate services due to distance, cost and stigma remains a barrier a decade on from the reports original release.