5 Reasons why Millennials are moving to Melbourne

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Millennials may be known for their love of cappuccinos and avocado toast, but as they grow up, the creative hub of Melbourne shines as a desirable location to settle down and invest in connected living without compromise.

One of the world’s most liveable cities

Melbourne has consistently ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world since 2002, most recently coming second after the Austrian capital, Vienna. While a move across continents may be a stretch, Melbourne is not only more achievable but more affordable. With new communities growing in Melbourne’s west helping make the dream of owning a home a reality, it’s no wonder millennials are moving to Melbourne!

You’re connected

The sought after work-life balance is a reality when you’re connected to parks, cities, and essential amenities. What sets Melbourne apart as such a liveable city is its connectivity, making access to everything from cultural events to schools and hospitals fast and simple.

  • Connected to public transport

    Melbourne is famed for its trams rattling down the roads and lanes of the city, and its public transport system as a whole continues to be of the most efficient in the country. One great example lies in Savana, a new community Melbourne’s west. A short walk from the Wyndham Vale train station and only a 40-minute commute to the CBD, Savana is perfect for millennials looking to enjoy their own space, while remaining easily connected to the city. 
  • Connected to nature

    Whether you’re going for a walk in the sprawling President’s Park, cycling the Federation Trail, or hopping on the train to the Mornington Peninsula, you’re never far from connecting to the natural wonders of the southern Australian wilderness. 
  • Connected to local amenities

    You don’t need to travel far to do your grocery shopping, access essential services or grab a coffee or a drink across Melbourne. Just outside of the business of the city, the western suburb of Wyndham Vale is close to schools, shopping centres and the Werribee Mercy Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital. The train line provides easy access to the concerts, bars and fine dining of central Melbourne, remaining affordable and connected without the CBD price tag! It’s no wonder communities like Savana are popular with millennials, helping to stretch that first homeowners grant further, without compromising on community and connection. 

Your values are aligned

Melbourne is one of the most progressive cities in Australia, pioneering green energy, accessible transport and cycling paths, as well as being home to a global community of cultures. For millennials who are looking to move, the cultural values of Melbourne are a natural fit for a generation invested in green cities and connected communities with a focus on sustainability in all its forms. 

Savana continues to pioneer sustainable development and has achieved ‘four leaf’ EnviroDevelopment certification masterplanned communities from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA.) This certification ensures that in Savana:

  • Natural ecosystems are preserved and maintained
  • Energy consumption and greenhouse gasses are reduced, going above and beyond regulatory requirements to keep emissions low
  • Water is preserved and recycled for irrigation and natural resources
  • Community is at the heart of planning and implementing neighbourhood development

Rich in diversity and culture

Walk down the streets of Carlton, Brunswick and Fitzroy and you’ll discover hundreds of unique eateries, creative hubs, community centres and art galleries celebrating the diverse makeup of this multicultural city. Culture isn’t limited to the city’s hipster havens though, with nearby Geelong home to vintage markets, incredible street art and museums, and suburbs like Footscray and Yarraville serving up authentic foods and wares from everywhere from Ghana to Greece.

Werribee, in Melbourne’s west, was home to the first Italian farm markets, and you can still pick up farm-fresh goodies at the Werribee Central Farmers Markets, held in Kelly Park on the 4th Saturday of each month. The nearby Wyndham Cultural Centre is another way to connect to the rich cultural heritage of the area, slinging coffees and cocktails between theatre productions, comedy, and more. Close by to new housing communities, like Savana, Melbourne’s west continues to champion diversity and celebrate culture.

The grass really is greener

Connected transport, a multicultural and diverse population, green spaces in cities and national parks just a short drive from home make Melbourne one of the most desirable cities to live in the world. With master-planned developments bringing the best of city living to your front door, you can get the best of both worlds. For millennials looking to make the move, the western suburbs of Melbourne provide a connected, exciting, and affordable place to live, work and play. 

Melbourne continues to be a popular city to settle down in, and soak up the best of Australia’s food, arts and culture. It’s easy to see why people, especially millennials, are moving to Melbourne, a multicultural city with a sustainable village living available at accessible prices.

Savana is an innovative new development in Wyndham Vale, bordered by natural parklands and the Werribee River, in Melbourne’s west. A short commute from the heart of Melbourne, enjoy natural surroundings with all the convenience of village living.

At AVID, we create places where people love to belong. To find out more about our developments in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and how you can invest in the home of your dreams, contact us today.

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