A Moment with Aussie Darling Julia Stone

The Eye Creative Magazine, Issue 14,  December 2018.

The Indie-folk darlings of the Australian music scene, Angus and Julia Stone have been giving us heartfelt tunes since the early 2000s. Whether it’s a memory of your first kiss as ‘Big Jet Plane’ plays in the background or jamming to ‘Just A Boy’ in music class, their records have been the soundtrack to high school romances and road trips the world over. …

Liz Lau Finds Vulnerability in Creativity

The Eye Creative, Issue 13, September 2018

In the back of a dusty warehouse in Sydney’s inner west, jewellery designer Liz Lau sits with golden afternoon light filling her cosy studio space. Sketches, prints and a fish mirror hang from the walls, and the only giveaway that this was once a toilet block is the cracked white tiling, and its proximity to the garage turned living area.…

Stop, drop and listen to these 8 podcasts

UTSoC, September 2018

From politics to pop culture, Eliza Spencer shares her top podcasts that make the shit show that is 2018 more bearable.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that podcasts are good for the soul. Seemingly overnight, these conversation-based earworms have eclipsed their boppy counterparts in popularity when it comes to preferred method of killing time. Perhaps it’s the soothing drawl of the narrator (I’m looking at you, Anonymous Host), or the in-depth exploration of obscure topics that piques the interest of 72 per cent of Australians. Nevertheless, whether it’s a short commute or an elongated trek into uni, these podcasts help make it all little bit more bearable.

Review: Regina Spektor at Sydney Opera House, 9 July 2018

Music Insight, 2018.
Image Courtesy of Sydney Opera House/Prudence Upton

New York’s queen of indie, Regina Spektor, received a rapturous welcome at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on Monday night. Debuting her 2016 record Remember Us to Lifeto Australian audiences in her first visit in six years, jetlag didn’t stop the Russian-American singer-songwriter from delivering a unique performance.…

Q&A: Xavier Rudd talks Storm Boy and Vegan Chilli

Music Insight, 2018

Aussie roots icon Xavier Rudd is set to release his latest album, Storm Boy, on May 25. Six years since his last solo project, his spiritual, indie-folk sound combines complex multi-instrumentation and an overarching connection between soul, land and spirit.

We caught up with the singer-songwriter to chat love, gratitude and Storm Boy before he takes his latest release on tour across Australia.…